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About DACO Precision Tool

About DACO Precision - Tool About DACO Precision - Tool


DACO designs and builds all different types of tooling, including: Aluminum die cast, plastic injection, thermoset plastic molds. They also design and build all different types of stamping dies including progressive and secondary tooling.

DACO makes: Brackets, specialty washers, levers, plates, shims, clamps, supports, handles, arms, gussets, discs, caps, plugs, etc. Production operations include progressive, secondary, press brake bending, forming, in die tapping (threading), secondary tapping (threading), light assemblies, threaded and blind inserts, spot welding, etc. DACO produces millions of different stampings for distributor and OEM customers. The parts are used in many industries including: Medical, computer, lawn & garden, military, railroad, construction, heavy/light truck, trailer, automotive, marine, and others. DACO will run low, medium, and high volume production.

DACO has several medium to large sized machining centers all with automatic tool changers. They also have 2 large horizontal boring bars with tool changers, for the large jobs. Many customers supply part prints and include their material and machining requirements. Some customers will also supply the tool steels, or blocks, weldments, steam chests, cores, castings, die/molds, etc. for DACO to machine and finish. DACO can easily and precisely complete special threads, contours, EDM configurations and final polishing and heat treating to exact specifications. Services, equipment lists and photos are available in the DACO’s Web site.

DACO was founded in 1984 by two partners (Randy Weber and Lloyd Kanzenbach). At the time, they both worked full time jobs during the day, and would work at DACO during the night to produce parts and build tooling for their new company and its customers. After a couple of years the partners were able to go full time with DACO and they focused on their own business and customers. Soon after, in 1988 they built their first new 4,000 Sq/Ft building in West Bend. Most of their work came from local OEM accounts and Eye Communication Systems of Hartland, WI (building tools and making parts for micro fiche viewers). In 1992 the partners added on a 6,000 Sq/Ft addition and added some new larger CNC stamping presses and a 2nd CNC Wire EDM machine to their tool & die department. Between 1992 and 1997 there would be 3 more additions to the building, totaling 20,000sq/ft. With increased business and growing customers, they were quickly growing out of their West Bend facility. Knowing this, they purchased 7 1/2 acres of land 8 miles north of West Bend in Kewaskum, WI. In 2005 the two partners hired MSI General, to be the primary building contractor to design and construct the brand new 64,000 sq/ft building. In March 2006, DACO moved their complete operations from West Bend into their new building in Kewaskum. With the help from great managers and staff, Randy still oversees all day to day operations, sales, customer service, quality management, and other related areas; While Lloyd still oversees the designing, engineering, and tooling. Above all, DACO prides itself on being a high-quality business that genuinely cares about its employees, customers, and community.

About DACO Precision - Tool
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